Immigrant’s path in the IT world
di Edward D. Wang
In inglese, edizione privata, Settembre 2023
265 pagine – €16,38
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Un libro del collega Ed Wang, di cui abbiamo parlato qui e in cui ricorda anche il suo periodo olivettiano, a Ivrea e negli USA.

Wang Defu was born in 1934 in Shanghai, China, and raised in China during a tumultuous time during the Second Sino-Japanese War, 1936–1949, and immigrated to the US in 1951 via Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, and Peru. Wang worked his way through college and graduate school. Edward Deford Wang, Wang Defu Americanized, spent the next 34 years in the Information Technology (IT) industry around the globe. In this book, Wang documents his business history and how he evolved culturally and professionally through these experiences. Camillus, NY, where the Wang family settled in 1952, had no interest in Chinese culture.He blended into the US culture throughout high school, part-time jobs, university, marriage, and the first five years of his professional career with Smith Corona Marchant, Inc (SCM). In 1964, he decided to work for Olivetti SpA (Olivetti) in Ivrea, Torino, Italy; Italians are interested in Chinese culture, and their culture is similar to his own, which rekindled Wang’s Chinese background when he returned to the US in 1971 for Olivetti and then for Victor Comptometer Corporation (Victor). The main subject of this book is the IT industry’s transition from mechanical to electronic technology. Wang documents how his three employers, SCM, Olivetti, and Victor have dealt with their respective transitions; and concluded that a company under his management dealt with similar issues in the ever-changing IT industry. Wang presented his own management decisions and how he ended his career. Wang then cited other companies which successfully met such challenges. Finally, Wang concluded how he should have dealt differently with the challenges that confronted him.


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